Monday, 28 February 2011

Mosaic Monday: Black And Light

2011-02-19 textile museum9

…More art from the Textile Museum’s collections…

2011-02-19 textile museum10

Black and White, Shadows and Light

2011-02-19 textile museum11


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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Shadow Shots from the Textile Museum

Shadow Shot Sunday # 145








These were all in an exhibition from the museum’s collections.
I decided to show them together,  because in all three the
shadow effect was obviously intended to be part of the experience.
(In the last shot, you also have a “bonus shadow”… hmm…)

(Unfortunately I did not make note of the names of the artists.)

Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday My Town–From the Hip

“Shooting from the hip” ?! What kind of a theme is that??
People will think I’m mad… They’ll be giving me LOOKS… I know it…



Better go somewhere empty and quiet to practice…
… just snow and shadows…

2011-02-20 from-the-hip

Okay, maybe ready to try a street… a quiet street…



Is it a good idea to cut trees in -10°C?
What do I know, I don’t have a garden!
(Was this really taken from the hip?
Or did I sneak a look?
Can’t remember!)


Another day, another part of town… Street going uphill…





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Thursday, 24 February 2011



It’s still a frozen white world out there. I managed a minor polar
expedition a few days ago to the little park that I prefer to think of
as “Butterfly Park” (it has another official boring name which you
don’t need to know). No butterflies now! But I found an “alien”…
hmm… Looks like it at a distance against the light, at least…
“E.T. phone home”…!
Actually it’s a grill, I think.



Something else that looks a bit out of place this time of year is
the sign telling people to be extra careful of the croquet lawn.



This must be another alien. Or perhaps it’s me that’s the alien.
I had enough trouble even walking. This one was running!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Watery Wednesday: Icicles

DSCN1945-1   DSCN1940-1 

DSCN1939-1   DSCN1948-1

DSCN1941-1   DSCN1937-1


Icicles on a rock wall quite close to the town centre.
The camera can be very deceptive sometimes…
completely cutting out the town environment!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Red Furniture for Ruby Tuesday

More from the 60’s/70’s Swedish Design exhibition:


Lena Larsson, 1919-2000, Swedish cabinet-maker, interior decorator and designer. In the 1940s she interviewed housewives about how they used their homes. She pushed for furniture to be cheap, practical, light, easy to use, and easy to dispose of when needs changed, rather than of long lasting quality. This was the general philosophy in the 1960s: “slit och släng” ~ “wear and tear”.




♥ ♥ ♥

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Mosaic Monday: Green Glass

2011-02-19 textile museum1

Glassware from an exhibition of 60’s/70’s Swedish Design at our Textile Museum. More pictures from the Museum can be seen at my other blog, Beyond the Lone Islands. I think these glass objects (or some of them) were designed by Erik Höglund (1932-1998).



When I got home from the exhibition, I took out one of my own green glass plates and held it up against the light. If memory doesn’t fail me, I bought those (I have eight of them) on a holiday trip in 1977, at one of the famous Swedish glassworks Kosta or Boda (nowadays merged into Kosta Boda). Erik Höglund worked at Boda 1953-1973. I don’t suppose my plates are his design… but maybe influenced by his ideas?

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Sunday, 20 February 2011

My Calendar 2011 *October* + Shadow Shot Sunday


Old wooden church in the Museum Park.
Photo from October, 2010, with glowing autumn colours.

This is the last of my Calendar shots.
To see the rest of them, scroll back over the past two weeks.

~ ~ ~

Adding a few interior shots from the Museum Church
(I might have shown some of them before):

DSCN1757-1   DSCN1763-1



The museum church is popular for weddings and also used on other
special occasions, but regular Sunday services are not held here.

The objects within the church come from different old churches.

Shadow Shot Sunday

Saturday, 19 February 2011

My Calendar 2011 *December*


The December picture in my calendar: Christmas Market
in the Town Square, with fires to warm yourself by.

I think they need to get those fires out again!! It has been a ‘strange’ winter (and it’s not over yet). December 2010 broke cold records. So does February. In between, January was periodically mild and slushy, but did not properly get rid of the snow, just made a mess of it.

Just now, in spite of the days inevitably getting longer, and the sun shining from a blue sky, we’re having another cold spell. Far up North it’s been below –40°C. Here in the South West, -15°C in the night/early morning is more than enough, ‘thank-you-very-much’…

Friday, 18 February 2011

My Calendar 2011 *November* + Friday My Town: Twisted


Sorbus intermedia or Swedish Whitebeam is widely grown as an ornamental tree in northern Europe, commonly used in avenues and urban parks. It grows to 10–20 m tall. The leaves are green above, and densely hairy with pale grey-white hairs beneath. The autumn colour is dull yellowish to grey-brown. The fruit is an oval pome 15 mm long and 10 mm diameter, orange-red to red, maturing in mid autumn. The fruit is dryish, and eaten by thrushes and waxwings, which disperse the seeds. (Wikipedia)


The Friday My Town theme of the week is “twisted, curly, contorted, wound spirally”. It has been an extra challenge for me over the past two weeks to match partaking in the weekly photo memes with showing the pictures I chose for my wall calendar. As for my November picture, I don’t think it needs any extra twisting though, since the branches of the tree are naturally twisted!


Here are some other pictures from my archives for the FMTSO theme:



Sculpture “Tornado” by Birgert & Bergström
(one of my favourites)



Sculpture “Declination” by Tony Cragg
(not really one of my favourites)



Sculpture “Non-Violence” by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd
(not much head-scratching needed to get the message)



Christmas lights twisted round the branches of a tree in the Park.




Twisted, curly murals framing the doors in the old Courthouse.



And this is my latest hobby, while waiting for spring:
Recycling my old pictures into kaleidoscopes!
Also called Getting a New Perspective
of Familiar Surroundings…!

♥ ♥ ♥


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Kaleidoscoped Birds (for Adrian and Pauline)


I decided to postpone my October Calendar picture until Sunday,
and use my theme-free Thursday for another kaleidoscope instead.

Adrian expressed appreciation of my recent kaleidoscopes of flowers,
and Pauline wondered wittily if we would now be seeing
kaleidoscoped birds from Adrian… That will be up to him to decide;
ut I of course could not resist the experiment…! So look closely at the
pattern above… Can you see the birds? Here is the original:


I suppose I had better reassure you, like they do sometimes on TV…
No actual animal cruelty was involved!


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My Calendar 2011 *September* + Watery Wednesday


I admit this is a bit of a stretch just to get my calendar picture to fit with the Watery theme of the day… But did you know that 80-85% of an apple is water?

Not watery enough for you? Okay, then… Let’s put the apple in the water instead. Most of the “%” in the apple that aren’t water, are air! That’s why they float.

Pure miracle really that they also manage to taste so good, isn’t it?


‘2sweetnsaxy’ (host of Watery Wednesdays) also suggested something reminding of Valentine’s Day for this week. Perhaps the apple reminds more of temptation than of true love – but still… I think the two apples in the first picture make a “sweet couple, cheek to cheek”… ;)

♥ ♥ ♥

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